On this page, you will learn everything about taxi licenses and excerpts from licenses. From what a taxi license is, through the process of obtaining excerpts, to requirements for badges, car markings, and current legal regulations. We provide full support in obtaining all necessary documents so you can operate as a taxi driver fully legally.

What is a taxi license?

A taxi license is your pass to practice the profession of a taxi driver. The full name of the license is: License to perform domestic road transport in the field of taxi transport. Our company has such a license in every city in which we operate. Thanks to it, you can operate in fully legally when you work with us.

If you need our license - you can download it HERE.

Can I cooperate with RAVAPI having my own license?

If you run your own business, you have a license issued for your own company, we can settle your income according to the price list of accounting services. We will adjust the offer to your needs after individual consultation.

To discuss the details, please contact us by email: Also, give us your telephone number and we will call you back and arrange a meeting with you.

What is an excerpt from a taxi license?

The word "TAXI license excerpt" usually means an excerpt for the car. In addition, along with the excerpt, you must obtain a hologram (a special TAXI sticker). Fortunately, these two things will be prepared together immediately, all you need to do is to apply which you will receive from us.

How to get an extract from a taxi license in Warsaw?
  1. Perform an additional technical inspection of the car for a taxi and get a TAXI note in the registration certificate.
  2. Make a fee for the extract from your car license. The transcription for 15 years costs PLN 35.20 + PLN 17 stamp duty for granting the power of attorney.
  3. Send us a scan of the registration certificate to
  4. We will submit an application for an extract from the TAXI license by e-mail or by post (depending on the city).
  5. When the extract is ready for collection, you can collect the extract yourself (if you have a power of attorney) or ask our expert to collect it (then you must provide us with the original registration certificate).
  6. Our expert will return the documents to you after obtaining an excerpt from the TAXI license.
  7. Remember to always have an excerpt from the TAXI license in the car.
How to get partner license excerpt and ID in a city other than Warsaw?

In order to obtain an extract from the license, in a city where we do not have a stationary office, it is enough to send an e-mail request for a power of attorney to prepare an extract in a given city. With the power of attorney and other required documents, you can go to the city office in to submit an application for an additional extract.


For more information, see the tab GET AN ENTRY IN YOUR CITY.

Is the Taxi license extract per person (personal ID)?

Personal TAXI driver ID allows you to travel as a taxi driver and you also need to obtain it (an exit for the car is not enough).

How to get a personal ID?

More information in the tab TAXI DOCUMENTS IN YOUR CITY and then select your city.

Do I have to pass the exam to get an excerpt from the partner's license?

No, you don't need to pass any exams. It used to be required, but from 2020 anyone can become a taxi driver without taking an exam.

Can I ride with you having an excerpt from the license from another partner?

When going to RAVAPI, the driver has to go through the process of getting a new certificate for the car again. The driver cannot drive under the license of another partner. The taxi license extract is intended for drivers who want to be employed by a given fleet partner. commission contracts and car rental contracts, the partner provides the driver with an extract from his license.

I am renting a car. Can I get an excerpt from my partner's license?

Our cars are fully equipped to work as a Taxi. In a situation where you rent a car from another company or from an individual, you must provide the owner's consent to use the vehicle as a taxi. The leasing contract must state that the leasing company consents to the use of the car by third parties.

Can I submit documents for an extract from the license without having a cash register and taximeter?

You do not need a cash register or a taximeter to obtain an excerpt from the taxi license. This is mentioned in the Act of May 16, 2019 amending the Act on road transport and some other acts (Journal of Laws 1180).

I have an extract. Can I drive as a taxi without a taximeter and a cash register?

At the moment, driving as a taxi with a taxi certificate, but without a taximeter is not allowed.

By the end of September, however, you can drive on the basis of a passenger car license (we have such a license).

When the new application referred to in the Road Transport Act of 16 May 2019 (Journal of Laws 1180) is approved, it will be possible to make journeys without the use of a taximeter on the basis of a mobile application appropriately adapted to billing. cash journeys without a cash register.

Until when can I drive without an excerpt from the partner's license?

The period of adaptation to the new regulations has been extended until 01/10/2020. At the same time, we encourage you to start the licensing process earlier. Please contact us by writing to us at the following address

What about car designation when I have a two-city license?

The marking of the car should comply with the requirements set out in the order regulations related to road transport by taxi in a given city or commune. This means that the car must be marked differently when it drives around Warsaw, and otherwise, when it travels in Poznań.

Are the license and license excerpts valid for each city?

The license and license excerpts are issued for a given city or municipality, the driver cannot drive in a city or municipality for which he does not have a permit. Passengers can be transported in the area where he has a license.

The list of cities for which we have a license is constantly growing and you can always submit a request for a license for a given city by writing to: More at: TAXI DOCUMENTS IN YOUR CITY.

Can I drive a marked car with a taxi lamp without an extract from my partner's license?

A car adapted to driving as a taxi should have an excerpt from the license and the driver who transports taxi passengers should have an ID. A large fine is imposed for the lack of documents at the road control.

Do you distribute TAXI lamps?

Yes, we can provide you with a lamp and TAXI signage.

Ask for details by writing to:

Do you give out cash registers and taximeters?

Traditional cash registers, taximeters or cassette taximeters will soon be replaced by applications. On June 1, 2020, two new regulations entered into force:

  • Regulation of the Minister of Digitization on a mobile application for the settlement of fares for passenger transport
  • Regulation of the Minister of Finance on cash registers in the form of software.

  The publication of these two regulations closed the legislative path and completed the process with the missing regulations. However, we are all still waiting for the producer of applications adapted to these regulations. Representatives of Uber and Bolt inform that the Uber and Bolt applications will not be electronic cash registers, so drivers will have to equip themselves with an additional application.