About Us

We began our journey as a small fleet of vehicles cooperating with Uber and Bolt. We had one mission, to simplify the formalities for drivers and automate the earnings settlement process. That's why we brought RAVAPI into the world - a Settlement Partner that fulfills this task and makes life easier for thousands of drivers.

Today, as a Recommended Partner, we offer comprehensive turnover settlement services from all popular apps across all of Poland. We own our own fleets of vehicles (models 2018 - 2023) in several cities and electric bicycles for our couriers.

Our Offer

We understand that your professional life is full of challenges, that's why we want to help you achieve success. Our platform offers innovative and comprehensive solutions.


Taxi driver's work legalization - ID card, medical examinations, license extract


Settlement and accounting of turnover from ride-hailing and TAXI apps (Uber, Bolt, FreeNow, Opti, etc.)


Settlement and accounting of turnover from courier apps (UberEats, BoltFood, etc.)


Work on our cars. Models from 2018-2023


TAXI car rentals


Rental of electric bicycles, conventional bicycles, and courier equipment


Residence cards, legal stay in Poland


Accounting and bookkeeping office


Bicycle service stations at each of our stationary offices


RAVAPI INSURANCE - Vehicle insurance, third-party liability / comprehensive for TAXI, life insurance, and many more. Check