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ID card, passport, or residence card

To become a taxi driver, you must present an ID card, passport, or residence card. These documents are essential for confirming your identity.

Certificate of no criminal record (not older than 1 month)

It is important to provide a certificate of no criminal record that is not older than one month. This document assures passengers that you are trustworthy and have no criminal history.

Driver's license

To drive a taxi, you must have a valid driver's license of the appropriate category. Ensure that your driver's license is up-to-date and meets all legal requirements.

Medical and psychological examination

Taxi drivers must undergo medical and psychological examinations to confirm their ability to drive. These examinations ensure that you are physically and mentally healthy, which is crucial for road safety.

Agreement with RAVAPI

To start working as a taxi driver, you must sign an agreement with RAVAPI. This agreement regulates the terms of your work and cooperation with us, which is key to your career in the transport industry.

Valid insurance

Having valid insurance is essential for every taxi driver. Insurance protects you and your passengers in case of an accident or other unforeseen events on the road.

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How to Become a Taxi Driver in Poland?

To become a taxi driver in Poland, you need to meet important requirements. First, you need the appropriate license. To get it, you need to undergo training and pass an exam.

To start working, you need to register a business. It's also important to have all the necessary insurance. But that's not all! A taxi driver should know how to serve customers and take care of the car.

RAVAPI can help you become a taxi driver. We support you in obtaining the license and help resolve any situation. It's a good option for starting and developing your career.

We understand that the road to becoming a taxi driver is long. But through preparation and the help of companies like RAVAPI, success in this job is possible.

Why Consider a Taxi Job?

Working as a taxi driver is a good idea. It offers many benefits like more money, independence, and time for yourself.


Financial Benefits

As a taxi driver, you can earn a lot. The more you drive, the more you earn. In cities with heavy traffic or where tourists travel, earnings can be high.


Independence and Flexibility

Earning as a taxi driver is not just about money. It's also about freedom. You can plan your working hours yourself. It's ideal for those who want to combine professional and personal life.

Working in transport offers the opportunity for interesting earnings. And it allows you to work when it's convenient for you.

Formalities Related to Taxi Work

Starting a taxi job in Poland means you have to meet several requirements to work as a taxi driver. The first step is obtaining a license. To do this, you need to undergo training, exams, and fill out applications.

Next, you need to register a business. This allows you to legally provide transport services. Also, don't forget to report to the tax office.

The process of getting a taxi job may seem difficult. Fortunately, companies like RAVAPI offer help. They assist in obtaining a license, registering a business, and other formalities. Thanks to them, starting a job as a taxi driver is much easier.

With RAVAPI, meeting the requirements becomes simple. You can then quickly devote yourself to the real duties of working as a taxi driver.

Employment Prospects in the Taxi Industry

The transport market in Poland is constantly growing. This growth provides more jobs for taxi drivers. A company that offers interesting opportunities is RAVAPI. Here you will find stable employment as a taxi driver.

Ready for a New Challenge?

Demand for Taxi Drivers

People often look for convenient and safe means of transport. Therefore, working as a taxi driver is very attractive today. They can count on a stable income and growth in their job.

RAVAPI - Your Support as a Taxi Driver

Working as a taxi driver is a good idea. It offers many benefits like more money, independence, and time for yourself.


Car Fleet Rental

From RAVAPI, drivers gain access to modern vehicles. Our fleet includes various models tailored to needs. Regularly serviced vehicles are ready for work.


Bicycle and Scooter Rental

For different transport needs, we offer bicycle and scooter rental. They are perfect for city commuting. They provide a fast and eco-friendly way to travel.


Assistance with Work Formalities

RAVAPI offers support in all work-related formalities. Our experts assist with business operations, insurance, and taxes. We always provide advice and practical help.

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