RAVAPI Partner


Who we are? How are we doing? Is it worth to trust us?

We are a company that has been cooperating with Uber and Bolt for several years. We offer comprehensive trading settlement services from Uber, Bolt, FreeNow, UberEats, BoltFood and Glovo.

A specially created our brand BEZPROBLEM will help with all documents related to employment and legal stay in Poland.

Where do we operate?

  • Assistance in obtaining the necessary documents and TAXI equipment

  • Settlement and posting of earnings from the ride-hailing and TAXI application (Uber, Bolt, FreeNow, Opti etc.)

  • Settlement and posting of earnings from courier applications (UberEats, BoltFood, etc.)

  • Working on our cars. Years 2018-2021

  • Car rental for TAXI

  • Rental of electric bikes, regular bikes and courier equipment

  • Bicycle services at each of our stationary offices

Can we somehow help? Call! +48 606 890 410